Best Split Duct Type Air Conditioner Price in Dubai 2024

At Generaltec, we offer top of the line ducted air conditioners and ducted split AC units in Dubai, UAE. Allow us to assist you in maintaining a cool and healthy home environment with an air conditioning solution tailored to your requirements and budget. If you’re looking to purchase a duct type air conditioner in Dubai 2024, continue reading to find the top solutions.

Advantages of Split Duct Air Conditioners:

Split duct air conditioners have many advantages over conventional units which makes them a popular alternative for a large portion of the population who live in Dubai.

Effective Cooling: 

Split duct air conditioners disperse cooling air efficiently all over your home, guaranteeing constant temperatures, without hot spots.

Space-Saving Design: 

With smaller indoor units, and their discrete ductwork, split duct ACs conserve space, while providing strong cooling.

Silent Operation: 

Relax in peace in your home with split duct ACs that work quietly indoors as well as outside, with the goal of limiting disruptions.

Optional Customization:

 From 1-ton up to 5.5-ton capacities, split duct air conditioners are available in a variety of dimensions to meet different demands for cooling. This will help that you get the right size for your room.

What Are the Main Differences Between Ducted Split AC Systems and Ducted AC Units ?

The most significant differences between a system of ducted AC as well as a ducted split AC system are:

Split Ducted AC System

Ducted AC System

Has multiple units Most often, it is the same unit
Make use of tubing, pipes, or pipes. Utilizes an vent system
Installation is much easier More difficult to install
The cost is lower than systems for ducting More expensive than split systems.
Control of temperature can be done with an remote Thermostat determines temperatures.
It is used to cool down smaller areas. Great for large areas

Best Split Duct Air Conditioner in Dubai 2024:

1. Duct AC 1 Ton Price 2024:

Perfect for smaller rooms or spaces for individual use The Duct AC 1 Ton provides powerful cooling, without consuming a lot of use of energy. Compact size makes it perfect for apartment and offices as well as small retail stores. Get best duct AC 1 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

2. Duct AC 1.5 Ton Price 2024:

While balancing power and efficiency this Duct AC 1.5 Ton is suitable for moderate-sized rooms and large open spaces. Enjoy maximum cooling comfort while preserving the efficiency of your energy usage. Get best duct AC 1.5 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

3. Duct AC 2 Ton Price 2024:

For larger rooms and areas that have higher requirements for cooling The Duct 2 Ton provides amazing cooling efficiency while preserving its energy efficiency. Make sure your space is comfortable even in the heat of summer. Get best duct AC 2 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

4. Duct AC 3 Ton Price 2024:

Ideal for large homes, office spaces, commercial spaces The Duct AC 3 Ton provides powerful cooling capabilities that ensure comfortable living in vast spaces. Enjoy superior cooling efficiency with minimal energy use. Get best duct AC 3 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

5. Duct AC 3.5 Ton Price 2024:

With its improved cooling capability This Duct AC 3.5 Ton is perfect for commercial areas that are larger as well as buildings that have significant cooling requirements. Experience rapid cooling and constant comfortable conditions throughout your business. Get best duct AC 3.5 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

6. Duct AC 4 Ton Price 2024:

Commercial or industrial settings that require robust cooling solutions, this Duct AC 4 Ton delivers incredible performance and durability. Your workspace will remain at a comfortable temperature and work efficiently regardless of the temperature. Get best duct AC 4 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

7. Duct AC 5 Ton Price 2024:

Duct AC 5 Ton Duct AC 5 Ton is designed to handle large loads of cooling, which makes it ideal for warehouses, retail spaces and industrial buildings. Enjoy unparalleled cooling power and performance. Get best duct AC 5 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

8. Duct AC 5.5 Ton Price 2024:

With its huge cooling capability and its massive cooling capacity, the Duct AC 5.5 Ton is specifically designed to be used in environments with continuous cooling. You can ensure optimal temperatures in vast areas with this powerful cooling solution. Get best duct AC 5.5 Ton Price in Dubai 2024 at GeneralTec

Best Split Duct Air Conditioner Price in Dubai 2024:

If you’re looking at the top split duct air conditioner price in Dubai 2024, you must take into account both the upfront cost and the long-term benefits. The initial price may differ according to the capacity and model however, the efficiency and energy efficiency can help reduce the operating expenses in time, providing a more cost-effective cooling option for your home.


The best split duct air conditioner Dubai 2024 offers will help you be cool and comfy all year round, despite the hot summer. With a variety of models to meet various budgets and cooling requirements, choosing the right air conditioner that is duct style for your room is simpler than it has ever been. Get efficient cooling, outstanding quality, and long-lasting reliability by using these cutting-edge cooling solutions.

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Generaltec Split Duct Air Conditioner 5.5 Ton Model No. GDAC66-E12 ( LG Scroll Type Compressor)

With Double Fan Outdoor Compressor Type: LG Scroll Refrigerant: R410a

Generaltec Split Duct Air Conditioner 5 Ton Model No. GDAC60-E12 ( Copeland Scroll Type Compressor)

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Generaltec Split Duct Air Conditioner 4 Ton Model No. GDAC48-E12 ( Copeland Scroll Type Compressor)

With Double Fan Outdoor Compressor Type:Copeland Scroll Refrigerant: R410a

Generaltec Split Duct Air Conditioner 3.5 Ton Model No. GDAC42-E12 ( Copeland Scroll Type Compressor)

With Double Fan Outdoor Compressor Type:Copeland Scroll Refrigerant: R410a

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Looking for reliable and efficient cooling solutions in the UAE? Explore our top-notch Duct AC options, featuring competitive prices that cater to your budget. Discover the optimal cooling power with our 5 ton Duct AC, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere in Dubai. If you're in need of a 3 ton Duct AC, we offer competitive duct ac price in UAE, including Dubai and Sharjah. Our Split Duct Air Conditioner models provide versatility and high-performance cooling, delivering an ideal solution for your space. Find the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and superior cooling technology with our range of Duct ACs. Don't miss out on the best duct AC price in Dubai and Sharjah – choose quality, reliability, and affordability for your cooling needs.