Cooking Ranges

A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Home Cooking Range

Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Cooking Range


The kitchen, the heart of your home, revolves around your cooking range. Regular care ensures its longevity and peak performance. At GeneralTec, we provide a range of cooking appliances to elevate your culinary experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the tips for Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Cooking Range in detail.

Cooking Hobs


Whether gas, electric, or induction, keep your cooking hobs in top shape. For gas hobs, remove burners and grates monthly, soak in soapy water, and use a non-abrasive cleaner. Electric hobs need prompt clean-up of spills and a ceramic-hob-specific cleaner for tough stains. Wipe induction hobs after each use with a gentle cloth and use an induction hob cleaner for a glossy finish.


Check gas hob connections regularly for safety. Inspect electric hobs for any damage to the heating elements. Ensure proper ventilation for induction hobs to prevent overheating.

Built-in Oven


Your kitchen workhorse, the built-in oven, requires attention inside and out. Clean racks independently, use a baking soda solution for stains, and utilize the self-cleaning feature if available. For the exterior, employ a mild cleaner suitable for the oven’s material, and gently wipe the control panel.


Regularly replace oven light bulbs and check the door seal for any wear. Test the accuracy of the oven temperature periodically.

Microwave Oven


This practical device requires simple upkeep. Clean the interior after each use with a moist towel and regularly clean accessories and the turntable. For a natural steam clean, microwave a bowl of water and lemon. To eliminate odours, microwave a bowl of baking soda or heat a water and lemon solution.


Inspect the door seal for any damage and replace it if necessary. Check the microwave’s power output occasionally using a microwave oven-safe container with a known amount of water.

Air Fryers


Air fryers, known for crispy and healthy meals, require regular attention. Clean the basket and tray after each use, soak in warm, soapy water, and use a brush for the heating element. Scrub the exterior with a moist towel and use a light detergent to remove grease.


Regularly check the air fryer’s power cord for any signs of damage. Inspect the heating element for any build-up that could affect performance.


Regular maintenance of your home cooking appliances ensures a sanitary and welcoming kitchen. These simple yet efficient tips will help you enjoy hassle-free cooking and prolong the life of your treasured gadgets. Explore General Tec for quality electronics in Dubai, UAE, and discover a range of options to enhance your kitchen experience. Keep your appliances in top condition with our expert guide: Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Cooking Range. Elevate your culinary journey!

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